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Triboard Transportation Services

Alerts for Bus Delays and Cancellations

School buses can be cancelled or delayed for many reasons throughout the school year such as:

Whenever a bus is cancelled or delayed by 15+ minutes, a status alert is simultaneously posted to our website, the BusPlanner Delays app, and emailed to subscribers. Families relying on transportation must use at least one of these alert methods so they are aware of service disruptions and can make alternative travel and/or care arrangements.

Email Subscriptions

By creating a subscription login, families can customize their bus alerts by student, bus, or school.  Subscribing by student is recommended because it will automatically update if changes are made to the student’s transportation.

Click here for Subscription Instructions 

BusPlanner Delays Application

This app is available for IOS and Google Play. Families need to use the verification code TSTS instead of selecting their school board. Users can subscribe by bus route or school.

Search List of Current Alerts

Use the search field at triboard.mybusplanner.ca/Alerts to look up daily alerts by school, route number, or bus company/Operator.


Technical Difficulties with Mass Emails

We have encountered a few glitches in our first two attempts to generate transportation reminder emails. This has resulted in some families receiving multiple emails from Tri-Board.  We ask families to bear with us as we work through these system issues and attempt to generate important reminders a third time.  Please keep Tri-Board marked as safe sender.

NOTE: There was no security breach and all information remains confidential.