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FAQs and Tips

Bus Cancellations & Status Alerts

Published November 17, 2022

School buses can be cancelled or delayed for many reasons throughout the school year such as: COVID Screening/Isolation Lack of available drivers to cover absences Inclement Weather Traffic disruptions Whenever a bus is cancelled or delayed by 15+ minutes, a status alert is ...


Bus Stop Reviews On Hold Until October

Published August 22, 2022

Due to the high volume of transportation applications needing to be processed at this time of year, all requests to change bus stop locations/times are on hold until October. Before making a stop review request, please note: Specific criteria ...


Summer Upgrade: Amber-Red Light System

Published June 22, 2022

Ontario is implementing  the 8 light amber-red warning system on school buses as used throughout the rest of Canada and the US. Buses will have this new light system in place for July 1, 2022 Watch this video explaining ...


Reapply for 2022-2023 School Busing Now

Published May 30, 2022

School transportation is not guaranteed for all students. Anyone who wishes to use the school bus must register through Tri-Board using our online application or specialized forms. Some families  may need to reapply for 2022-2023 transportation if they: registered ...


Provincial Bus Driver Shortage Reaches Tri-Board

Published April 04, 2022

Why are buses being cancelled? The province of Ontario is and has been struggling for some years with a driver shortage which is only being felt in Tri-Board significantly since the pandemic.  COVID-19 compounds this issue with daily illnesses ...



Buses Cancelled Due To Fog

Any bus run that was cancelled this morning because of the fog will operate as normal tonight and only the AM portion of your bus ride would be listed.

If both your AM and PM buses are listed it will not run this afternoon as it would have been cancelled for a different reason.