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 Special Education Request for Transportation Form

This form should be completed by the  school board’s Educational/Student Services department for students with special needs recognized by the school board. The school board will coordinate with Tri-Board to determine how the student’s needs can be safely accommodated.

 Special Circumstance Transportation Form

Complete this form for ineligible students facing extenuating circumstances affecting their need for transportation. Special circumstances must be related to the student directly. Transportation may be provided if:

  1. Extenuating circumstances of a student facing a serious emergency;
  2. There are circumstances due to a temporary disability of a student verified by a doctor’s certificate;
  3. There are temporary circumstances resulting from a School Board’s actions to close a school or relocate a program;
  4. There are other extenuating circumstances as identified by Tri-Board or the School Board.

If the student is enrolled in an elective learning program (LEAP, IB, etc) but resides outside the school’s attendance boundary, complete the Special Circumstance Transportation Form and submit it to the school. The school will verify enrollment and submit the form to Tri-Board. Transportation is not guaranteed and may be provided from the closest existing stop to the student’s address if:

  1. There is an existing route;
  2. There is space on the bus;
  3. There is no additional cost to the school board

This form must be submitted to the school for approval. The school will send to Tri-Board. If transportation is approved, it is on the condition that space is not needed for an eligible student. Should that space be needed for an eligible student, you will be removed from transportation with 48-hour notice.

 Regular Transportation Form

Complete this form if the student’s address is within the school’s attendance boundary and equal to or greater than the Minimum Distance from the school (1.6km for grades JK-6; 3.2km for grades 7-12). The student must be enrolled in a regular or French Immersion program at the school.

This form can be submitted to the school or emailed to

 Student Medical Release Form

All students with medical concerns should complete the Student Medical Release form to be shared with bus drivers

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