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Triboard Transportation Services

Governance & Administration

Board of Directors

Name and Position
Member School Board
Contact Information

Craig Young


Superintendent of Business Services
Limestone District School Board


613-544-6925 ext. 338


220 Portsmouth Avenue,
Kingston, ON K7M 0G2


Nick Pfeiffer
Vice President


Superintendent of Business Services
Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board


613-966-1170 ext. 62280


156 Ann Street,
Belleville ON K8N 3L3


Breanne Bradshaw
Secretary & Treasurer


Superintendent of Finance and Business Services
Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board


613-354-6257 ext. 452


151 Dairy Avenue,
Napanee, ON K7R 4B2

Meeting Minutes of the Board of Directors can be found here


Name and Position
Email Address
Phone Number

Gord Taylor
Chief Executive Officer




613-354-1981 x 324


Sue Sleeth
Manager of Finance and Administration




613-354-1981 x 379


Scott Nobles
Transportation Manager




613-354-1981 x 325


Nicole Aubertin
Safety Officer




613-354-1981 x 320


Roslynd Fraser-Kealey
Communications Coordinator




613-354-1981 x 319


all of the above Tri-Board Administration Team



mailing address:

PO Box 235
Napanee ON K7R 3M3

21-22 Organizational Chart


Buses Cancelled Due To Fog

Any bus run that was cancelled this morning because of the fog will operate as normal tonight and only the AM portion of your bus ride would be listed.

If both your AM and PM buses are listed it will not run this afternoon as it would have been cancelled for a different reason.