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Student Bus Patroller Program for Grades 5-8

Grade Level:               5-8
Program Length:     School Year
Program Type:         Student Role 

Tri-Board’s student Bus Patroller program is an opportunity for Grade 5—8 students to strengthen their leadership and teamwork skills while they ride the bus to and from school each day.  This program provides an additional layer of safety to the bus ride by training Bus Patrollers to:

      • model good riding behaviour
      • assist younger students entering/exiting the bus
      • evacuate the bus and assist the driver in the event of an emergency

Good Bus Patrollers are usually:

      • in Grades 5 — 8
      • safety-minded and responsible
      • ride the bus daily, and are on the bus for most of its route

Bus Patrollers are trained each autumn and expected to participate in their role until the end of the school year.  Training consists of:

      • an instructional video shown by school administration (approximately 17 minutes)
      • in-bus exit test conducted by Tri-Board personnel at the school site (approximately 1 hour)

Upon passing the exit test, Patrollers are given program booklets to remind them of their daily and emergency duties as well as high-visibility vests to wear during the bus ride while these duties are completed.

Schools must schedule the exit test with Tri-Board to gain temporary access to the video.  Requests can be submitted to: BusPatroller@triboard.ca

NOTE: The Bus Driver is ultimately responsible for the safety of all passengers on the school bus and Bus Patrollers must follow their instructions at all times.  Bus Patrollers cannot discipline other students and are encouraged to report concerns over student behaviour to the Driver or school administration. 

Cancellations & Delays


Bus Cancelations Due to Driver Shortage

Ontario is experiencing a school bus driver shortage causing buses to be cancelled. We appreciate that a bus cancellation impacts students and their families. Our bus companies are actively training more bus drivers to prevent cancellations.  If you or someone you know is interested in driving a school bus in Tri-Board’s service area, please visit triboard.ca/drivers.