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CAA Bus Patroller Program for Grades 5-8

Grade Level:               5-8
Program Length:     School Year
Program Type:         Student Role 

Tri-Board offers CAA’s Bus Patroller program to safety-minded bus riders in  Grades 5—8 .  This program is used across Ontario and is supported by the Ontario School Board’s Insurance Exchange (OSBIE), which regularly reviews it for risk and liability. Bus Patrollers strengthen their leadership and teamwork skills while they ride the bus to and from school each day by:

      • modelling good riding behaviour
      • assisting younger students on the bus
      • assisting the driver during an emergency evacuation

Good Bus Patrollers are:

      • in Grades 5 — 8
      • safety-minded and responsible
      • ride the bus daily, and are on the bus for most of its run time

Bus Patrollers are trained each autumn and expected to participate in their role until the end of the school year.  Training is approximately 2 hours and consists of a presentation and on-bus exercises during school hours. This program is free to schools. Bus Patrollers are volunteers and are not paid for their participation.

Schools must register with CAA and schedule training with Tri-Board.  Questions and concerns can be sent to BusPatroller@triboard.ca.

NOTE: The Bus Driver is ultimately responsible for the safety of all passengers on the school bus and Bus Patrollers must follow their instructions at all times.  Bus Patrollers cannot discipline other students and are encouraged to report concerns about other students’ behaviour to the Driver or school administration. 

Cancellations & Delays


Transportation Application Deadline for 2024-2025 is August 11

If your student currently has school bus transportation and there is no change to their school or address in September you do not need to take any action or reapply. Current school bus transportation will remain in place unless you are contacted directly by Tri-Board Student Transportation.  However, if you have a student for the 2024-25 school year that:

then you need to apply for transportation by August 11, 2024 to ensure that transportation is in place for the first day of school in September. Read more at triboard.ca/deadline24-25.

If you require assistance please visit triboard.ca/contact to contact us.