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Triboard Transportation Services

Student Eligibility

The School Boards offer transportation  to/from addresses that are (1) equal to or greater than the Minimum Distance to the school, and (2) within the school’s attendance boundary.  NOTE: distances are determined using specialized software (not google maps). 
Addresses that are less than the Minimum Distance to the school are not eligible for busing. Families are responsible for determining  what alternative method of travel is safest for their children (walk, carpool, bike, public transportation, etc.,).  
If the address is outside the school’s attendance boundary, regardless of program enrollment, the student is not entitled to transportation. A school’s acceptance of out-of-boundary enrollment does not mean transportation is provided.  


Home stops are not common. Most students will be required to travel to meet the bus. Group stops are safest because they have been established using safety criteria and have multiple students using them. New bus stops are established only when a student would otherwise be required to travel farther than the Maximum Distance to the Bus Stop. 


Eligible students must apply for transportation. NOTE: many school registration applications ask if transportation is needed but this has no connection to our application process. Transportation registration and school registration are completely separate processes. 


In accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), students recognized by the School Board as having disabilities do not need to meet the Minimum Distance requirement noted above. We work with the Board to determine if students can ride a school bus without risking their own mental/physical health or the mental/physical health of other riders and the bus driver.  If not, accessible transportation will be arranged. 

Click here to review The Boards’ Transportation Policy in full. 

Cancellations & Delays


Bus Cancelations Due to Driver Shortage

Ontario is experiencing a school bus driver shortage causing buses to be cancelled. We appreciate that a bus cancellation impacts students and their families. Our bus companies are actively training more bus drivers to prevent cancellations.  If you or someone you know is interested in driving a school bus in Tri-Board’s service area, please visit triboard.ca/drivers.