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Covid-19 Transportation Guidelines 2021-2022

Tri-Board regularly consults with our Member School Boards and local Public Health Units to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within our communities. These guidelines and requirements are subject to change. Changes that impact transportation will be posted to triboard.ca/covid19

Assigned Seating Plans

Effective March 21st, seating plans do not need to account for cohorting and are no longer a part of the COVID-19 Health and Safety Response. Drivers may still enforce seating plans for student behaviour management.

Bus Passes/ Unauthorized Riders

Effective March 21st, students are permitted to request a bus pass for one-time transportation (i.e., to work on a project with a classmate after school or to sleep over at a friend’s house). Bus passes will be denied if there is not space on the bus. New stops cannot be created by a Bus pass. Bus passes can be requested through BusPlanner by the school.

Unauthorized students are never permitted to ride a bus they are not registered to. Passes can be requested for one day up to one week. Requests beyond one week must be formally applied for.

Cleaning and Protective Strategies:

In addition to the requirements below, all Drivers, Monitors, and students must self-screen every day and not board the bus if they show symptoms consistent with COVID-19 based on the provincial screening tool.

PPE Supply Chain

The boards will continue to provide school staff, including bus Drivers and Monitors, with PPE and other critical supplies via the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services supply chain. Tri-Board’s Safety Officer coordinates these orders with our contracted transportation companies.

Mask Requirements

As of March 21st, masks are optional for all Drivers, Monitors, and Students during transportation.

Cleaning Requirements

Yellow School Buses

At the end of morning runs, all seat tops, walls under windows, and the handrail will be treated  with anti-viral spray.

At the end of afternoon runs, all seats (top, back, front), walls under windows, window and latches, metal partition next to the stairs, doors and handrail will be treated with anti-viral spray. Garbage will be collected from the floor.

Accessible School Buses

In addition to the protocol above, all hard surface equipment will be treated with anti-viral spray.


At the end of runs, all door panels (inside) and handles (inside and outside), seat belt latches and tongues, buckle buddies, hard surfaces of car seats and boosters, side windows will be treated with anti-viral spray.

Parents may use a non-scented wipe to clean any equipment their child will be using in the van before loading their child. This practice will not be completed at the school.

Safety Programs:

The Bus Patroller, First Rider, and Evacuation safety programs have been suspended for the 2021-2022 school year. Safety Videos can be viewed at triboard.ca/safetyvideos

Opt-Out of Transportation:

We understand every family has a different comfort level when it comes to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Fill out this form if you do not intend to use the school bus and have previously registered. If you require transportation in the future, you will have to reapply.



HPE Public Health
KFLA Public Health
Daily School Screening tool
Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic District School Board
Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board
Limestone District School Board


Technical Difficulties with Mass Emails

We have encountered a few glitches in our first two attempts to generate transportation reminder emails. This has resulted in some families receiving multiple emails from Tri-Board.  We ask families to bear with us as we work through these system issues and attempt to generate important reminders a third time.  Please keep Tri-Board marked as safe sender.

NOTE: There was no security breach and all information remains confidential.