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Triboard Transportation Services

Covid-19 Transportation Guidelines

Tri-Board regularly consults with our Member School Boards and local Public Health Units to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within our communities. These guidelines and requirements are subject to change. Changes that impact transportation will be posted to triboard.ca/covid19

Assigned Seating Plans & Capacity:

The Ministry of Education requires an up-to-date seating plan be available for contact-tracing purposes. Drivers may need to update their seating plan daily during the first few days of school. A copy should be kept with the Operator. Vehicles will be loaded to capacity, with the seat directly behind the driver left empty whenever possible. Windows should be kept open to increase ventilation, weather permitting.

Bus Passes/ Unauthorized Riders

Students cannot ride the bus home with a friend for any reason. Students should only board and deboard the bus at their assigned stops. The Bus Pass tool has been disabled in BusPlanner and all other informal bus passes must be denied.

Cleaning and Protective Strategies:

In addition to the requirements below, all Drivers, Monitors, and students must self-screen every day and not board the bus if they show symptoms consistent with COVID-19 based on the provincial screening tool.

PPE Supply Chain

The boards will continue to provide school staff, including bus Drivers and Monitors, with PPE and other critical supplies via the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services supply chain. Tri-Board’s Safety Officer coordinates these orders with our contracted Operators.

Driver/Monitor PPE Requirements

Unless medically exempt, Drivers and Monitors must wear medical masks on the bus. Eye protection is required when in close contact (i.e., boarding and deboarding) with unmasked students. Eye protection must not interfere with the safe operation of school purpose vehicles.

Student PPE Requirements

Unless medically exempt, students in grades 1—12 must wear masks on the bus. Kindergarten students are strongly encouraged to wear masks. Note: social distance practices cannot be upheld on the bus.

Cleaning Requirements

Yellow School Buses

At the end of morning runs, all seat tops, walls under windows, and the handrail will be treated  with anti-viral spray.

At the end of afternoon runs, all seats (top, back, front), walls under windows, window and latches, metal partition next to the stairs, doors and handrail will be treated with anti-viral spray. Garbage will be collected from the floor.

Accessible School Buses

In addition to the protocol above, all hard surface equipment will be treated with anti-viral spray.


At the end of runs, all door panels (inside) and handles (inside and outside), seat belt latches and tongues, buckle buddies, hard surfaces of car seats and boosters, side windows will be treated with anti-viral spray.

Parents must wear masks and may use a non-scented wipe to clean any equipment their child will be using in the van before loading their child. This practice will not be completed at the school.

Outbreak and Contact Tracing Protocol:

If a positive case of COVID-19 is identified in a bussed cohort, Tri-Board will work with Operators and school administration to provide the current Bus Manifest and Seating Plan to Public Health and/or our School Board partners. Public Health will determine who is and who is not required to isolate, get tested, etc. and provide letters to the school board(s) and Tri-Board to give to impacted students, Drivers, and Monitors.

Safety Programs:

The Bus Patroller, First Rider, and Evacuation safety programs have been suspended for the 2021-2022 school year. Safety Videos can be viewed at triboard.ca/safetyvideos


Vaccines are not currently mandatory for students or staff. The health, safety, and operational requirements apply to all students and staff (including Drivers and Monitors) regardless of their Immunization status.

Opt-Out of Transportation:

We understand every family has a different comfort level when it comes to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Due to the necessity to create seating plans for contact-tracing purposes, please fill out this form if you do not intend to use the school bus and have previously registered. If you require transportation in the future, you will have to reapply.



Local Health Units

HPE Public Health
KFLA Public Health

Provincial Links:

 Health, safety and operational guidance for schools (2021-2022)
Daily School Screening tool
Bus Safety in COVID Video

School Boards:

Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic District School Board
Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board
Limestone District School Board


Stop Change Requests & Late Applications

Due to the volume of applications our office is receiving at this time of year, Tri-Board will begin reviewing Stop Change Requests after September 20th. This is so we can focus on processing applications for students who would otherwise not have transportation.

Families that do not want to use their current bus stop until its review, or have applied for transportation at the beginning of September, should  consider alternative means of transportation/travel for the first day(s) of school. We are currently processing regular applications received on September 14th. Bus companies require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice of new riders.

Elective Learning Program or Special Circumstance applications will take longer, as processing eligible students is our priority.