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School Bus Drivers Wanted

Published January 21, 2022

Companies throughout Tri-Board’s area are in need of Bus Drivers to bring students safely to and from school each day.   Ontario has had a school bus driver shortage for many years but only recently hit Tri-Board because of the Pandemic, and our contracted bus companies are struggling to cover all 600+ routes for the first time. For many students, the bus ride is their only way of getting to school and bus drivers are the key to ensuring they arrive safely and ready to learn.
If you would like to support our community by becoming a bus driver, please complete the application form found at triboard.ca/drivers. You will be asked to select at least one zone you would be willing to work in, and then your application will be sent to the contracted bus companies that we work with in that area.


All School Bus and Taxi Transportation Canceled - February 28

Due to poor road conditions and continued inclement weather all school bus and taxi transportation is cancelled in the Tri-Board Student Transportation Services jurisdiction. The schools will remain open however any students driven to school by parents or guardians will need to be picked up at the end of the day. This decision affects students with the: