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Provincial Bus Driver Shortage Reaches Tri-Board

Published April 4, 2022

Why are buses being cancelled?

The province of Ontario is and has been struggling for some years with a driver shortage which is only being felt in Tri-Board significantly since the pandemic.  COVID-19 compounds this issue with daily illnesses and drivers “screened out” for symptoms or family, and unavailable for work.

What is the province doing about it?

The Province of Ontario has instituted a Driver Retention Program (with significant financial incentive) to address the shortage.

What is Tri-Board doing about it?

Tri-Board has launched a driver recruitment campaign on TV , Radio and Digital platforms to attract driver candidates to apply online (www.Triboard.ca/drivers).

What are bus companies doing about it?

  • Enhanced recruitment efforts

  • Signing bonuses

  • Referral bonuses

  • Attendance bonuses

  • Driver retention programs

  • Increased wages

  • All possible spare drivers and licensed office and maintenance staff are driving

  • Where possible, trying not to cancel the same bus multiple days in a row

What can families do about it?


Buses Cancelled Due To Fog

Any bus run that was cancelled this morning because of the fog will operate as normal tonight and only the AM portion of your bus ride would be listed.

If both your AM and PM buses are listed it will not run this afternoon as it would have been cancelled for a different reason.