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How to Find Out About Bus Delays and Cancellations

Published February 6, 2020

During a winter storm event that caused significant bus cancellations on February 6, 2020, the Delays and Cancellations section of Triboard.ca did not function properly. We apologize for this inconvenience. The failure was due to software updates, despite developer and Tri-Board testing multiple times. While we are confident the issues will be resolved, we acknowledge there is no way to guarantee that issues with technology will not arise in the future.

We therefore encourage our school bus community to embrace the use of multiple channels for receiving this information, rather than solely depending on visiting the Delays and Cancellations section of our website. There are a number of ways to receive bus delay/cancellation information:

Notification Email Subscription

BusPlanner Delays App

  • Enter Quick Code: TSTS and select verify (do not select a school board; confirm “Tri-Board STS” appears before clicking next)
  • Sign up for a student’s specific bus run (number), all buses for a specific school, or all notifications
  • Click here for the IOS app
  • Click here for Android app

Notification Tweets @BusDelayNCancel

Cancellations by Weather Zone (visual map)

All these alternatives to the website are available and were operating on February 6, 2020. If you rely on school bus information, we recommend using more than one type of the above channels to ensure accurate and timely notification of future bus delays and/or cancellations.


Current Cancellations - Nov 23 2020

Below is a list of buses we know are cancelled at this time:

All buses in North Hastings and Centre Hastings.
All Foley Buses
All Boldrick Buses
All Dunham Buses
Stock bus 596
Cox Buses 532, 586, 579, 569
Martin’s Buses 500, 518, 531, 573, 574, 575, 580, 581, 583, 589, 720, 753, 754, 755, 761, 780, 782, 783, 784
Parkhurst Buses 313, 334, 335, 450, 485 (first run), 488, 492, 495, 609, 616, 640 (first run), 682
County Buses 308(first run), 326(first run), 443 (first run), 444,  445 (first run),  446(first run), 448, 470(first run), 472(first run), 484(first run), 683 (first run), 685(first run) 688
Beaudrie Buses 424 (first run) All other Beaudrie buses running plowed roads only
First Student Picton Buses 607

If your bus is not listed above and you are concerned about it please contact your bus operator directly as they will have the most updated information for you.