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Triboard Transportation Services

How to Apply for Transportation

Registering for the bus is a separate process from registering with the school: 

Step One: Verify your address meets the Minimum Distance Requirements using our Eligibility Tool

Step Two: Eligible families can complete the Online Application for quick processing.

Note: All Special Education/Accessible Transportation applications must be submitted to the school board. Download our Special Education application here.

Step Three: Sign up for bus status alerts so you can make alternative arrangements when transportation services are unavailable.  If you/your student is new to busing, visit our Parent and New Rider section for bus rules, safety tips, and more.


Elective Learning Programs and Other Special Circumstances:

If your address does not meet the Minimum Distance Requirements and is not within the school’s attendance boundary, your address is not eligible for transportation. Tri-Board may accommodate an ineligible student temporarily if there is space on an existing route and families are willing to travel to the closest existing in-boundary bus stop.  You will need to submit either the Elective Learning Program  Transportation Application or the Special Circumstance Application each year, as accommodations for ineligible riders expire July 1 annually.  These requests require pre-approval from the school.

Cancellations & Delays


All School Bus and Taxi Transportation Canceled - February 28

Due to poor road conditions and continued inclement weather all school bus and taxi transportation is cancelled in the Tri-Board Student Transportation Services jurisdiction. The schools will remain open however any students driven to school by parents or guardians will need to be picked up at the end of the day. This decision affects students with the: