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Triboard Transportation Services

How to Apply for Transportation

Registering for the bus is a separate process from registering with the school: 

Step One: Verify your address meets the Minimum Distance Requirements using our Eligibility Tool

Step Two: Eligible families can complete the Online Application for quick processing.

Note: All Special Education/Accessible Transportation applications must be submitted to the school board. Download our Special Education application here.

Step Three: Sign up for bus status alerts so you can make alternative arrangements when transportation services are unavailable.  If you/your student is new to busing, visit our Parent and New Rider section for bus rules, safety tips, and more.


Elective Learning Programs and Other Special Circumstances:

If your address does not meet the Minimum Distance Requirements and is not within the school’s attendance boundary, your address is not eligible for transportation. Tri-Board may accommodate an ineligible student temporarily if there is space on an existing route and families are willing to travel to the closest existing in-boundary bus stop.  You will need to submit either the Elective Learning Program  Transportation Application or the Special Circumstance Application each year, as accommodations for ineligible riders expire July 1 annually.  These requests require pre-approval from the school.


Technical Difficulties with Mass Emails

We have encountered a few glitches in our first two attempts to generate transportation reminder emails. This has resulted in some families receiving multiple emails from Tri-Board.  We ask families to bear with us as we work through these system issues and attempt to generate important reminders a third time.  Please keep Tri-Board marked as safe sender.

NOTE: There was no security breach and all information remains confidential.