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Reapply for 2022-2023 School Busing Now

Published May 30, 2022

School transportation is not guaranteed for all students. Anyone who wishes to use the school bus must register through Tri-Board using our online application or specialized forms. Some families  may need to reapply for 2022-2023 transportation if they:

      • registered using the Elective Learning Program application form

      • are changing schools or moving to a new address

      • have graduated from Grade 6 to Grade 7, due to the change in eligibility distance

      • registered using the Special Circumstance application form (Note: Special Circumstance may not be processed prior to October 2022)

      • opted out of 2021-2022 transportation using our opt-out tool 

Tri-Board processes applications all summer, in the order they are received. We strongly recommend families submit their requests for transportation now instead of waiting until August/September. Due to the volume of applications normally received by our office in late summer/early fall, it could take well over a week before a student is authorized to take a bus. 

New to Tri-Board? Check out our Parent & New Rider section at triboard.ca/parents 



Technical Difficulties with Mass Emails

We have encountered a few glitches in our first two attempts to generate transportation reminder emails. This has resulted in some families receiving multiple emails from Tri-Board.  We ask families to bear with us as we work through these system issues and attempt to generate important reminders a third time.  Please keep Tri-Board marked as safe sender.

NOTE: There was no security breach and all information remains confidential.