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Reapply for 2022-2023 School Busing Now

Published May 30, 2022

School transportation is not guaranteed for all students. Anyone who wishes to use the school bus must register through Tri-Board using our online application or specialized forms. Some families  may need to reapply for 2022-2023 transportation if they:

      • registered using the Elective Learning Program application form

      • are changing schools or moving to a new address

      • have graduated from Grade 6 to Grade 7, due to the change in eligibility distance

      • registered using the Special Circumstance application form (Note: Special Circumstance may not be processed prior to October 2022)

      • opted out of 2021-2022 transportation using our opt-out tool 

Tri-Board processes applications all summer, in the order they are received. We strongly recommend families submit their requests for transportation now instead of waiting until August/September. Due to the volume of applications normally received by our office in late summer/early fall, it could take well over a week before a student is authorized to take a bus. 

New to Tri-Board? Check out our Parent & New Rider section at triboard.ca/parents 



All School Bus and Taxi Transportation Canceled - February 28

Due to poor road conditions and continued inclement weather all school bus and taxi transportation is cancelled in the Tri-Board Student Transportation Services jurisdiction. The schools will remain open however any students driven to school by parents or guardians will need to be picked up at the end of the day. This decision affects students with the: